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Going to Youth In Government this weekend! SCYIG is the best!
Man I really want to change my username. As much as I love this one I could use an update...
I crept into the house slowly as thunder rumbled outside. My combat boots moved silently across the rotten wooden floor. My eyes slowly adjusted to the darkness that surrounded me like a heavy black fog. My fingers curled around the crossbow, prepared to fire as soon as the best showed itself. As I moved slowly into the main part of the house, my ears detected a low growling behind me. I spun around, crossbow ready to fire. All I caught in my sight was the tail of one of the beasts, which quickly disappeared. I frowned and turned back around, starting to walk forward again. Then I freeze.

The sound of the door in the other room slamming shut reverberated through the house. My breath caught in my throat as I realized there was no where left to run, I had to face the beasts this time, as there was no second chance against the thing with forty eyes. I walked forward, keeping my body low as I looked around. My eyes darted around the room as the floorboards creaked loudly nearby. My heart thudded inside my chest, the sound beating in my skull as I drew closer to the sound. My vision narrowed as I entered the next room, the kitchen. The white of the floor glowed with the moon's light on it. My eyes swept the room, finally settling on the figure across the room from me.

The animal growled, foam slipping from its lips. Brown fur covered the monster's body, solid black eyes protruding from its skull. It had long black claws coming from its paws, a brown tail swishing behind it. It didn't react to me at first, until it caught my scent. Then it growled, showing off the disgusting yellow fangs it had hidden before. It was a werewolf, most likely the one who constantly attacked my village. We stood at opposite ends of the kitchen, sizing one another up. Then I made the first move. Faster than the eye could see, I had lifted my crossbow and fired. The arrow embedded itself into the werewolf's right shoulder. It howled before lunging at me. I dove at the way, avoiding its fangs and claws. One small scratch and I'd become on of them. Pulling another arrow from my quiver as I slid on the floor, I shot it quickly, the arrow's head finding the beast's left calf and diving in. Red blood staining the leg and shoulder as the monster turned on me. It was on me before I could move. Holding back the large jaws and paws of the werewolf with my hands, I began to knee the animal. But it would not relent. Finally I took my shoulder and twisted my body in an unnatural way, pain shooting up my arm as I slammed the beast's jaw with my shoulder. It recoiled with a howl and I slipped out from under it. Before it could move again, I grabbed one of my three silver arrows and shot the werewolf through the heart. It turned to dust as soon as the arrow hit.

Turning, I began my journey once again to the next room. I slowly moved inside and I felt the temperature drop. As I felt the cold hands of death creep closer, I wondered if I would ever see the sun again. My body started to shiver as I felt the creature creep up behind. I spun around and jumped back as a pale figure faded into view. It looked like a human in just about every way except the milky white color that cloaked its body. The figure took the shape of a little girl, her small fingers clutched around the arm of a teddy bear. She looked innocent in every way and I knew that look in her eyes the instant I saw it.

"Big sister?" She whispered, approaching slowly. I took a quick step back, the ghost obviously playing tricks on me. My sister died too long ago, she was too innocent to have any grudges. I took another step backwards as the ghost drew closer. "Big sister please help me." She said. Not taking my eyes off the ghost, I pulled a pouch from my belt. As soon as she's close enough, I tossed the small pouch at the ghost. It hit her and exploded, the air filling with salt. The little girl screeched in pain. The screeches suddenly changed to loud wails as the ghost's form changed. It grew into an old woman, a hag looking creature. I drew the cold iron knife from my waist belt as I recognized the ghost to be a banshee. She wailed loudly and flew straight for me. I spun out of the way, crossbow in my right hand and knife in the other. The banshee came for me again and once again I dodged. She came for me a third time and this time I charged. The banshee was caught off guard and couldn't move in time as I sliced through her with my knife. The ghostly white particles dispersed and faded from the view. I sheathed my knife and smirked. I ain't fraid of no ghosts. That's a fact.

I turned and moved to the stairs. They creaked loudly as I began to climb them. The last monster was just up ahead, I could feel it, and it was going to be the hardest one yet. Trembles crept up my skin like spiders climb up their webs. I reached the top of the stairs and swept my gaze across the hall in front of me. A small candle light came from a door halfway down the hall. I move swiftly and silently down the corridor, reaching the door without a sound. I peaked in and felt myself hold back a hiss in anger. The beast with forty eyes was right there and it could see me.

The monster bellowed and charged at me. I leapt backwards as the beast with forty eyes crashed through the wooden walls. Wooden splinters spray everywhere, a few embedding themselves in my legs and arms. I wince in pain. I'll have to deal with them later. I observed the monster as it approached. Human shaped as well, with forty eyes covering his entire body. One eye, though, is bigger than the others and is closed. That's the heart.

A grandfather clock chimed in the parlor below us, twelve bongs signaling that midnight was close at hand. This broke the tension and we attacked. My crossbow fired hitting two of the eyes on the monsters's leg. The beast moved quicker than I anticipated and raked its claws across my chest. I stumbled backwards into a wall, blood pooling down my chest. My vision began to fray at the corners but I kept going. Ducking away from the next attack, I charged into it, my cold iron knife drawn and plunged into the sticky skin of the monster. The monster roared in pain and drew back. My knife still in its torso, just barely missing the heart, it came back, claws ready. I rolled out of the way, only having my crossbow remaining. Notching another arrow while I could, I dodged the claws and rolled a little ways away, but I was too slow. The beast slashed my back. I tumbled forward, crashing into a nearby wall. I could feel the life seeping out of this body. I didn't have long. Using the last of my strength, I rose my right arms and fired my crossbow.

I watched as the arrow flew straight to its mark, the head piercing the closed eye. The beast with forty eyes howled before collapsing on the floor. It didn't have long, and neither did I. As my vision began to darken, I felt myself stumble and suddenly the scenery around me changed. I had fallen out a window, I was outside. The ground rushed at me at an uncanny pace. I closed my eyes and everything faded. All I could feel was the echoing laughter of a deep voice.

"And though you fight to stay alive, your body starts to shiver. For no mere mortal can resist, the evil of the Thriller!"

My eyes snapped open. I was no mere mortal. Calling upon the darker side of myself as the ground approached, I felt the back of my shirt tear open as large bat wings unfurled from the cage they had been held in. Swooping upward, I screeched, my eyes turning yellow and fangs growing in my mouth. The moon on my back, I flapped my wings and yelled to the world,

"I am Demon Hunter Jade Atromitos! All will one day bow down to me!"
Demon Hunters- a short Halloween story
Yes this is late but I haven't had internet access all weekend so I wasn't able to post this until now. Anyway, in honor of Halloween, here's a short story for you guys! Can anyone guess what songs this was influenced by?


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My name is Kyo Writer. At the moment I am a student writer in the process of becoming a famous author. I have written many a short story and fanfiction, now I am in the process of writing a book series called Roman Numerals. I'll be sure to let people know once it's out.

I love pokemon, Doctor Who, Sherlock, Homestuck, Digimon, Hetalia, OHSHC, Inuyasha, etc, etc. Shoot me a pm if you want to talk about any of these.

My birthday badge

Thanks for reading and have a nice day!
Alright guys, here are the plots to some of my stories. I might begin to post some of the chapters on here soon so keep an eye out for them!

1. Gang Wars
-Probably the book series I want to write the most, Gang Wars is the first book in a possible three book installment. It takes place after a war that destroyed most of the world in a city called Hairaiko. There are four groups within the city, the Royal Writers, the Knights of the Flock, Poseidon's Tridents, and the Police Force. The groups have been at peace for seven, almost eight years. But something has begun to stir within Hairaiko, and six individuals must face a past they did everything they could to leave behind. Join Sloane, Raven, Posideon, Alex, Dylan, Sylvia, and more in Gang Wars.

2. The Kitarian Nation Series
-A book series I made about two years ago about an evolved species of humans known as Kitarians. Kitarians are humans so in tune with nature that they are able to control the elements to an extent and have a symbol on their bodies that marks them as Kitarians. However, all throughout history this species has been discriminated against. This series will take place in various parts of history showing the lives of many different Kitarians and how their lives were affected by discrimination.

3. The Roman Numerals Series
-Those of you who are fans of me on Wattpad probably recognize this series. The first book of this series, Masa, already has roughly eight or nine chapters released. This series is about the star crossed lovers of Ivy Masa and Ike Fenix, the prince and princess of rivaling kingdoms. However, it is much more complicated that anyone could ever imagine. With vampires, lost kingdoms, and an immortal tree, this classical Romeo and Juliet type story will have twists you'd never expect. If this series is selected I will rewrite all the chapters and fit them better to the story.

4. Yin & Yang
-The most recent idea I had, Yin & Yang is a story about a group of people known as the Guardian Spirits. Spirits that protect countries of the world, they work in harmony to keep the world from too much trouble. However, when the spirits are soon being picked off one by one, and no one is truly sure who the assassin is, it is up to Yin and her brother Yang to find the assassin and stop them before they can take anyone else.

5. The Raider of Tortuga
-Inspired by the pirates of the Caribbean and my AP US History class, this story follows the crew of the ship The Raider of Tortuga. Kiosia Marinosa, the Captain of the vessel, tells the story from her perspective as the crew starts off simply trying to capture a merchant ship. However, they soon discover a rumor of a great treasure hidden on an island in the Atlantic. The crew sets sail towards the island, but the question is, will they get there first? And if they do, can they all survive the trials that await them there?

6. Globe University
-Mage of Life, the first book in the Globe University, takes place in a world where magic and mythology are real, located in England, the best place to find these things. The esteemed university is in charge of protected all magical students from the Dark Wars that have conquered the rest of the world. Their defenses are seemingly impenetrable, only a fallen angel's blood can break it but only those with good magical blood can enter the force field. It isn't until someone with both qualifications enters the mix and steals the prodigy said to hold the key to the war's end that the university falls into chaos. However, what the leader of the Dark Wars never expected was an older sister with a taste for revenge.

7. Greek Riders
-They hide amongst us, staying hidden so that we don't know what's happening. Some even don't know their true potential. But they are descendants and rivals of those known as The Roman Harnessers. They are born able to wield a special ability with something close to them. For one, it involves Blackjack, another relies on St. Francis of Assisi, and the third utilizes Cancer.

8. Sol and Luna
-Another work in progress, this story is based off Romeo and Juliet. It takes place in a city where there are two ruling families as well, one worshipping the sun with a griffin as their symbol and the other worshipping the moon with a silver lion as their symbol. The two groups have been feuding for years and it is up to Rome and Julie to stop the war.

9. The Noble Raven
-Another work in progress, The Noble Raven is the story about a young female assassin working under the avian kingdom against the mammalian, reptilian, and amphibian kingdoms. She is charged with assassinating the assassin from the reptilian kingdom, the Imperial Dragon, but soon finds that this is an impossible task for her to carry out.

10. The Flamingo King
-Inspired by the Flamingo casino and hotel in Las Vegas, The Flamingo King is a story about a young flamingo with clipped wings who wishes to become king of the flamingos. When his chance finally arises, with the young bird be able to reach the top before the rest?

11. Oxygen & Calcium
A story I came up with during chemistry class, this story makes the elements and molecules from science and turns them into people. It centers around the taxi driver, Oxygen, and the metal atom, Calcium, that changed his life forever. Will love blossom in the oddest of ways?

12. A World Created
-A World Created looks into the mind of a character as her story is being written. It shows what the main character thinks when the world they are chosen to live in is formed right before their eyes and what would happen if they suddenly refused to play the role the author wanted them to play.

13. Chosen
-Bird's Eye, the first book, is majorly a work in progress as far as plot line. It takes place thousands of years in the future after a war devastated the earth. Now, a select few, called the Chosen, must continue to protect earth. But is their job really what it seems?

14. Soul Savior
-Soul Savior is a story surrounding the best friend and the younger sister of a drunk driving victim. It takes place over two years showing how the loss of a loved one, while seeming cruel at first, sometimes blossoms into something better. This story shows what happens when someone popular touches someone not so popular.

15. The Knights of the Flock
-For this story, I am debating whether to keep it as one book or make it into a series. Based on Arthurian Legend, this series centers around college student Raven Sincock. While seeming innocent, he is actually the famous thief the Noble Raven that constantly torments the town. However, when a new hero called King Arthur comes on the scene and claims that Raven is the reincarnation of Lancelot, what is to come of the thief?

16. Nobunaga Oda and the Junior Warlord
-Taking place in feudal Japan, this is how I wish history had happened. The series centers around Warrior Sloane and Partner Maru. In a time when armies face off over eighteen kingdoms, warriors and partners must work together to protect these kingdoms. Junior Warlord Sloane has recently become an ally of Nobunaga Oda. However, she can tell that Nobunaga is not who he claims to be. Still, with threats from both sides, how can Sloane continue to protect her kingdom and stay alive at the same time?

17. The Final Chapters
-The final series connecting the Greek Riders, the Roman Numerals, and Globe University together. Each thought they had different enemies until their universes collided, showing that one who had traveled through each of their dimensions was the one who caused their true trouble. He summoned that of the world of true love, where a new hero stands as the others have passed. He beckoned to a world of pride, where once a victim, now a person seeking revenge rises. He beckoned to a world of rivalry, where barely any time has passed since their last adventure. Now, they all unite to fight their way out of eternal darkness and chaos. Join Reilly, Piety, and Artemis in the last fight of The Final Chapters.

18. Rebellions
-Imagine the economies of the world as bubbles, each country has it's own bubble, all varying in size. Now, imagine all the bubbles shrinking except one, which kept growing and growing and growing until all other bubbles had popped and only the largest bubble remained standing. Well, when I was 15, that's where the economy was going. Now, I'm 22, and that large bubble, known as China has taken over the entire world. On top of that, due to their large industry policy, Global Warming skyrocketed and melted the polar icecaps. I had to flee my old mechanic shop in South Carolina and come to a place known as Santa Fe, or what's left of it. I used to think there was no hope left, until I met three individuals with enough rebellion spirits that we might just have a chance. Meet the Artist, the Writer, and the Musician.

19. Elissa Dour
-This is the story about a little girl named Elissa Dour and her father's struggle to give her the best life possible while he can. She was born under miraculous circumstances, lost her mother to lung cancer, and soon she contracted it herself. It is left to her father, Razor Dour to make sure she enjoys what time she has left.

20. Adona's Story
-Two individuals, a clay smith's apprentice and an aristocrat's daughter, grew up together in the city known as Pompeii, Italy. They'd been engaged when they were young, and even though they seemed to love each other, they never really knew each other. Then, one day, the world comes down in a cloud of darkness, and when they wake up, they're in a city full of metal beasts and flashing lights. Confused at first, they soon find out they are in Rome, Italy, thousands of years into the future. Now, as they quest to get back home, they discover things they never really knew about each other, and love begins to grow where it was never thought possible.

21. Treasure Raiders
-Inspired by the Indiana Jones series, treasure hunters Mori Ka and Draco Ihey are on a quest to find the artifacts known as the 'Legend Restorers.' These famous items have a special power in them with the ability to awaken any mythological creature that is connected to it. However, the treasure hunters are far from few in search of these items, and it is up to Mori and Draco to make sure no one else gets them all first.

22. The Imperfections
-One of my oldest stories, in a society where everyone is flawless, one girl begins to wonder what happened to the flawed. For days on end, Starla approaches the wall that surrounds her city, daring herself to leave but she never does. Finally, one night, she escapes, and what is on the outside surprises her. But it is not until she finds a passage way underground that she realizes the truth about her home. Join Starla, Thorn, and Seizure in the Imperfections series.

23. Slaves of Troja
-Based on a short story I wrote in the third grade for a history project, Aria Brandish is a slave in the country of Troja. Everyday she wakes up before dawn, eats, then heads out to work until sunset, drops off her load of pumpkins, eats dinner, then sleep until time for the routine to begin again. Life is a dull throb for Aria as she plans for her escape to freedom. However, this all changes when a week before her planned escape, a young man named Jack Peters shows up on her plantation. Shy as he was, the slave refuses to speak to anyone. Aria feels a connection with the boy and immediately knows that she must convince Jack to speak, for his life could depend on it.
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